With Steerpath™, we set out to do the impossible: engineer a full-featured indoor navigation system into the easiest and most powerful package ever. That meant reimagining every element to make it not only to have simpler API and full offline capabilities but also better throughout. The result is more than just a new SDK. It’s the future of personal wayfinding.

2m accuracy, 3 lines of code to integrate, zero minutes to calibrate

Indoor positioning with Steerpath

Android and iOS phones and tablets

Cross platform

Android and iOS iBeacons

Easy maintenance of beacon and venue data

Easy maintenance

Update without visiting the venue

No internet required

Scalable and reliable

All features work offline

No fingerprinting or site surveys

No fingerprinting

Zero time collecting measurements onsite

Unlimited scalability

Unlimited scalability

With fixed cost

Navigation and routing


Real time indoor navigation with multi-floor support

Visual beacon management

Manage visually

All data managed through a map

Positioning with any beacons

Beacon vendor agnostic platform

You can even use your existing beacon infrastructure

Geofences and beacon triggers

Zones and triggers

Mix geo-fences with traditional beacon zones

Real-world uses of our indoor positioning SDK

Guidio - Audio Guide

Guidio uses Steerpath to make the user interface more intuitive and easier to use. Zones and indoor navigation are a key part of enhancing the user experience.

Use a free app on your own cell phone when visiting museums and tourist sites. Enjoy the professional, curated content, created in co-operation with the museums and other tourist sites using Guidio.


Slush - Conference App

Europe's largest investor and startup event has doubled in size every year. There was desperate need to improve the navigation and wayfinding for the 15 000 attendees so that they could find the companies they were interested in from the hundreds that were there.

Steerpath indoor positioning and navigation was deployed throughout the 37 000 m2 and delivered to the attendees as part of the official SLUSH App on both iOS and Android.


Words from our customers

Steerpath worked absolutely perfectly for us. It provided something to our 15 000 attendees, which they really loved to use, while helping them to find the right stages, demo stands and restaurants really easily through the app. Highly recommended!
— Miki Kuusi, Co-Founder and CEO of Slush
the Steerpath positioning product is one of the easiest to integrate while also being one of the most accurate on the market.
— Scott Roberts, Director at ShopperTrak

In collaboration with

Steerpath helped us achieve the impossible in a super short period of time - the installation of an entire Geo-Fenced beacon network in Grand Central Terminal NYC in under 1 week. Great team and great product!
— Dan Seidman, CEO at Promotional Communications
The impressive positioning and navigation technology by Steerpath is clearly leading the charge when it comes to braking down barriers between physical and digital space.
— Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle at Rovio
The indoor navigation and positioning allowed me for the first time to actually find the companies I’m looking for at an event like this.
— Ilkka Pirttimaa, Creator of Blindsquare
Integration to our App took about 20 minutes!
— Matti Dahlbom, Lead Architect at Qvik
Exited about the revolution that Steerpath’s technology can trigger for our daily mobile experiences!
— Jyrki Katainen, European Commission Vice-president for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness

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