Forget messing about with beacons, trying out SDKs,
figuring out differences between iBeacons and Eddystone.
Instead, value your own time and order the solution that works out of the box.

Indoor &
Outdoor Maps

Seamless indoor-outdoor
& floor transitions

iOS, Android and Web

Rotation, Zoom and Pan

Positioning &

2 seconds to first location fix

2 - 4m

No calibration

Multi-floor &

Building to building navigation

 Automatic floor detection

One step installation

Just place beacons
and it works

No technical skills required

Get started

Try the Slush 2016 web map

Steerpath maps can be used both on native mobile applications as well as on web environment. Having same maps available for web as for apps makes it easy to maintain the content on different platforms in sync. No more having non up-to-date maps on your website - the maps update automatically as the maps on mobile update.

Web maps also provide great fallback for users that have not adopted your mobile application yet. In Slush, sharing a location was done using a simple URL. If recipient of this URL had Slush application installed would the shared location be shown in the app. In case the link was opened on desktop or on a mobile without Slush app installed, the link would open to web maps.

Try the full screen version of the web maps:
Try the Slush mobile application:


Get Steerpath Starter kit

Get fully functioning indoor positioning and wayfinding solution to your office. Place the beacons according to installation map and start using Steerpath apps or integrate indoor positioning and maps into your own app with Steerpath SDK.

Starter kit comes with:
- 24 preconfigured beacons
- installation instructions
- ready made map for wayfinding

Are you ready to create incredible indoor maps and innovate your mobile apps with positioning and navigation features? 

Steerpath is the quickest, easiest and most cost effective
map and positioning solution

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Cross platform


Steerpath enables fast and reliable deployment, with support across multiple platforms